10/16/2012 04:26 EDT | Updated 12/16/2012 05:12 EST

Five Questions: What's next in NHL lockout?

We here at want to help guide you through the NHL lockout, and we want you to get involved. In the latest edition of our five questions series, we tackle the issues of what's next for the NHLPA, the 50-50 revenue split, and the details about the NHL's latest proposal.

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What kind of process will the NHLPA go through now?

At the news conference on Wednesday Donald Fehr said the first thing for the players union is to go over the proposal word by word. They will then consult with the players to discover what their view of the situation is. The union says it will not speak about this until they have done the word-by-word analysis of the proposal, but a 5 p.m. ET conference call for Tuesday has been scheduled. The union will probably call the NHL for clarification of points in the latest proposal and then would begin another serious round of negotiations.

Do individual players have a say?

Ultimately the players union will have a vote, so each player will have a say in the decision. Throughout the process Donald Fehr has consulted with his members, during his news conference he said he was certain many players would have been calling him. The union has set up a private website which provides information to all of the players. That would contain a lot of the details that is not available to members of the media.

What could possibly be wrong with a 50-50 split?

The position of the NHLPA has been that they wouldn’t mind eventually getting to that split, but up until now they have suggested a slow and subtle move to get to that point, accompanied with other changes to the collective agreement. An immediate move from a 57 split in favour of the players to a 50-50 split may not go over well. Don’t forget, many players have said they want a real solution to the revenue sharing system so that they don’t end up in this position again?

When could the season start?

In his comments Tuesday Gary Bettman said if a deal is struck within 10 days they could still get in a full season. There would be a training camp of one week and the season would start on Nov. 2. He said it would mean one extra game every five weeks.

What are the details of the offer?

That one is impossible to answer. There are very few people who know what exactly is in the document that has been exchanged between the two parties. However, over the next hours and days the circle of information will expand and some details will leak out. Remember, there are a lot of issues that need to be solved, including such items as travel time between games and separate rooms for players.