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Maygan Sensenberger Acting: Rod Zimmer's Wife To Appear In Movie (VIDEO)


Maygan Sensenberger and her husband Sen. Rod Zimmer made a bizarre appearance on Tuesday in their first interview since the in-flight fiasco that grabbed headlines around the world.

Appearing on CTV's "Power Play" with Don Martin, Sensenberger revealed that she has taken up acting and will be appearing in a short film tentatively titled "First Ladies," which will debut at the Digi60 2012 Filmmakers Festival in Ottawa. Other highlights? Zimmer saying he has to call Ontario Hydro when his wife walks in the room to tell them to turn off the power, that the flight incident was "a joke," and something strange about a "bullet-proof vest." You can see the full interview in all its strangeness here.


Sensenberger's role will be as the "Grandmother," a role equivalent to prime minister in an alternate future in which the country is run by women.

The now-famous couple have been making the rounds in Ottawa of late.

On Sunday, Sensenberger appeared as a model in a runway show for the capital city's fashion week. The Ottawa Citizen published photos of Sensenberger in a black dress designed by Gwen Madiba.

At the event, Zimmer told the the Citizen's fashion editor Janet Wilson that Sensenberger is taking acting lessons.

Those aren't the only classes she's taking.

Sensenberger pleaded guilty in September to causing a disturbance on a flight. She was given probation and ordered to seek counselling.

According to the Crown, the incident involved alcohol. Sensenberger has a previous DUI conviction stemming from an accident in her native Collingwood, Ont. in 2008.

While the couple is back in Ottawa, Sensenberger is likely making trips back to Saskatoon to attend her counselling.

At the time of the guilty plea, Sensenberger's lawyer Leslie Sullivan said the media attention for the case was completely unwarranted. That was sentiment echoed by Sensenberger and Zimmer in their interview with Martin.

"Everything that was put online was completely fabricated, so I just had to stop looking," Sensenberger said. "People need to get lives."

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