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Alberta Bachelorettes Whitney, Chantelle Still On Bachelor But Who Has Better Shot At Love?


Alberta Bachelorettes Chantelle and Whitney are still in the running in their quest to find love on The Bachelor, despite winning-obsessed Whitney not winning a challenge and pastor Chantelle dropping bachelor Brad a bombshell Wednesday night.

The show, currently in its inaugural season, took off this week in a helicopter flight into the southern Alberta region best known for its contrast of mountain and prairie. Lundbreck was the home base for the bachelor and the girls as they took in some stereotypically Alberta experiences -- horseback riding and rounding up cattle.

The giggly, squeaky pastor from Sylvan Lake feared she was on the cutting block at the culmination of the third show’s third episode this week, after hearing four, not two, girls would be going home – particularly after 24-year-old Chantelle Brad she was a, ahem, virgin.

But the former Edmonton Eskimo seemed to take the hit on his blind side with CFL-like grit and kept the bubbly central Alberta in the running.


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It was a tense night for the other remaining Albertan, as it was the first week in which Brad’s time wasn’t monopolized by Whitney or in which the Calgary administrative assistant didn’t find a way to stick out.

In the end, although she was the absolute last bachelorette to get a rose Wednesday night, she got a rose regardless.

But which of the two Alberta contestants stands a better chance at winning over Brad’s heart.

Dating company has crunched the numbers and this is the odds they’ve come up with. See who the odds favour, Chantelle or Whitney.

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