10/19/2012 10:00 EDT | Updated 12/19/2012 05:12 EST

Scarecrow tarts will be a sure hit at children’s Halloween parties

With Halloween looming, here is a fun treat to make for kids’ parties.

Vanilla Scarecrow Tarts

12 tart shells

1 pkg (250 g) white cake mix

125 ml (1/2 cup) vanilla frosting

6 vanilla sugar wafers, cut into 7-cm (2 3/4-inch) lengths, then halved lengthwise

3 vanilla sugar wafers, cut to 7-cm (2 3/4-inch) lengths, halved lengthwise, then halved crosswise

Candy-coated chocolate-covered sunflower seeds or jelly beans

Bran cereal, candy corn, mini candy-coated chocolates and chocolate sprinkles

Heat oven to 180 C (350 F). In a medium bowl, prepare cake mix according to package directions.

Spoon cake mixture evenly into tart shells, filling to just below rim. Place shells on rimmed baking sheet and bake according to directions for 12 cupcakes. Let cool thoroughly.

Frost top of each tart. Add a small dollop of frosting to top edge of tart and press smaller wafer to it for the hat top. Place larger wafer just below hat top for a brim.

Decorate hat with candy-coated chocolate-covered sunflower seeds. Press pieces of bran cereal for hair into frosting below hat brim.

For the face, press on a candy corn nose, mini candy-coated chocolates for eyes and make a stitched mouth with chocolate sprinkles.

Makes 12 tarts.

Source: Tenderflake.