10/21/2012 12:50 EDT | Updated 12/21/2012 05:12 EST

Alouettes linebacker Emry apologizes for punch to Roughriders Labatte

MONTREAL - Montreal Alouettes linebacker Shea Emry has apologized on Twitter for punching Saskatchewan Roughriders' lineman Brendon Labatte.

Emry was ejected late in the first half of Montreal's victory in Regina on Saturday for what appeared to be a punch below the belt to Labatte after a Roughriders touchdown.

The 26-year-old apologized to fans of both teams as well as to the CFL and commissioner Mark Cohon.

"I apologize to the @cfl @sskroughriders and @MTLAlouettes fans for my actions yesterday," Emry twetted on Sunday. "It was a mindless act that isn't admirable.

"That's not the person I am off the field nor is it an (example) I want to set for youth that are watching me on the field. #CFL.

"I apologize to @canadiancommish (Cohon) for putting the @CFL in a light it doesn't need to be viewed in. I'm a better person than that shows."

Emry, who had been named defensive and Canadian player of the week in the previous week, is likely to face further disciplinary action from the incident.