10/21/2012 08:57 EDT | Updated 12/21/2012 05:12 EST

XL Foods Dumps E.Coli Tainted Meat At Landfill

A hamburger is made from ground beef containing what is derisively referred to as

XL Foods is dumping beef tainted with E.coli into a landfill in Brooks, Alta.

The company took about 1.3 million pounds of frozen beef to the industrial part of the Newell County landfill, all under the supervision of Canadian Food Inspection Agency officials, over the weekend.

The company is expected to dump more beef on Monday.

The beef product in the boxes is mostly frozen ground beef and trimmings such as heart and tripe, but so far no high quality cuts.

Ray Juska, landfill manager at Newell County, says his crews are putting dirt onto the meat.

“It’s to keep out vectors, primarily seagulls is what we have here, and it’s also a requirement of the CFIA so nobody can go back and help themselves to some off-spec meat,” Juska said,

He's also hoping that his contribution will help the company and its workers get back to work.

We're a waste disposal facility associated with Brooks and area and really what the big issue here, aside from what's happening to Brooks and to XL, is what's happening to the people that it's affected," Juska said. "And it's had a pretty substantial impact and now that a lot workers are laid off and the longer it goes on the greater it's going to be. So, we're really hoping by accepting this material that we're part of the solution”

It's not clear how much beef XL Foods will have to clear from the plant in order to have the CFIA reinstate its license following the recent E.coli outbreak and massive recall of 1,800 products.

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