10/22/2012 06:58 EDT | Updated 10/23/2012 09:19 EDT

Debbie Andrews Allegedly Abandoned Pets While On Vacation, Moves To Alberta


A New Brunswick woman who allegedly abandoned her pets while she went on vacation, may not face a courtroom as she has moved to Alberta.

RCMP have confirmed that Debbie Andrews has moved to Alberta, the Daily Gleaner reported.

"They can issue a warrant for her arrest in here in New Brunswick; that doesn't necessarily carry over into other provinces," said Tracy Marcotullio, manager of an Oromocto animal shelter to News 91.9.

Andrews allegedly went on a week long vacation to the Dominican Republic and left her cat, a small black dog and a rabbit behind without food and water, the Daily Gleaner reports.

The only animal to survive was the cat. Andrews also told co-workers that another dog she had died two weeks before she went on vacation. According to police she allegedly disposed of the dog in a garbage bin on the back porch, the Daily Gleaner adds.

Neighbour Caludette Scott and mother, who lives next door to Andrews' former home, both noticed a lack of activity at the home for nearly a week and decided to investigate.

“I decided to go over to the house and see what was going on and I turned around and saw a dead dog,” Scott told CTV.

She called police immediately after spotting the dead dog.

“She should have had someone else look after the animals,” says Scott. “It’s not right she leave them like that and not taken care of.

Marcotullio told News 91.9 Canada's animal cruelty laws need to be updated so cases like this one can be more easily prosecuted.

An online campaign began as many shared the news of the arrival of Andrews to Alberta, some wanting to get the word out to prevent the accused from owning pets.

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