10/23/2012 02:20 EDT | Updated 10/23/2012 02:38 EDT

Cat Duct Taped In Nanaimo For 2nd Time

Vancouver Island RCMP are investigating a case where the same cat had its paws and tail duct taped on two separate occasions.

On Oct. 1, Nellie the cat was with her feet wrapped with green painter's tape, reported CTV Vancouver Island. RCMP said the owner found the animal in a bedroom trying to lick the tape off.

Then this Monday, the poor five-year-old, short haired tabby was found duct-taped again but this time it was in much worse condition. Someone had not only taped the cat's paws and tail, her tail was also bent over backwards and taped to its back, said RCMP on Tuesday.

“Needless to say the cats owner and her family are extremely upset that someone would do this to their family pet. This type of behavior is also considered criminal in nature and is being investigated by our officers and local SPCA investigators," said Const. Gary O’Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP.

Nellie was taken to to the Island Veterinary Hospital in Nanaimo. She had to be sedated for the tape to be removed. Unfortunately, some of her fur came off with the tape. Staff there told CTV it's the fourth case of duct-taped paws that they've seen.

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