10/23/2012 03:45 EDT | Updated 12/23/2012 05:12 EST

Robert Deer Told By Jack Beauchamp's Twin Sister, She Won't Forgive Him For Killing Brother


CALGARY - The family of a Calgary businessman expressed anger and sadness at a sentencing hearing for one of the man's killers.

Jack Beauchamp's widow says her children's weddings and the arrival of grandchildren should have been happy moments, but the family lost the future they hoped for by not having him there.

She finished by saying she will never believe that Robert Deer is innocent as he claims.

Beauchamp's twin sister wrote in her victim impact statement that she will never forgive Deer and hopes that he and co-accused Mohamed Karim have a tough time in jail.

Deer was convicted of manslaughter last month for his part in the January 2006 shooting death of Beauchamp, who was a bank president at the time.

Karim's sentencing for second-degree murder has been delayed while lawyers look into his allegations of abuse while in custody.

The judge ruled that Karim — who was the shooter — did not intend to kill Beauchamp, and that Deer only assisted with the plan and also did not intend for Beauchamp to die.