10/23/2012 08:13 EDT | Updated 03/11/2013 05:00 EDT

Toronto Fashion Week 2012 Day 1: Spring Is In The Air As Holt Renfrew, Pink Tartan And Pavoni Kick Things Off (PHOTOS)


Warm weather is good for fashionistas -- with no heavy coats or winter boots creating clunky silhouettes, everyone's free to flaunt their mad styles wearing just about whatever they like.

So with Monday's evening weather clocking in the mid-teens on the Celcius scale at Toronto's David Pecaut Square, the mood was joyful and the outfits were extra-fabulous for the opening night of World Mastercard Fashion Week. Even the PETA protesters outside took a lighter approach compared to their campaign last spring.

Inside the tents, the collections from Holt Renfrew, Kimberley Newport-Mimran's Pink Tartan and Pavoni hinted at brighter days ahead, with loads of colour, metallics and luxe trims and fabrics to make everyone feel fancy. Among the recurring themes we spotted:

Pink: Also a big colour at Montreal's Fashion Week, everything's coming up roses (yes, we had to say it) for spring 2013. Whether it was bright, hot and flashy or soft and barely-there, pink was a prominent shade in the Holt's and Pink Tartan collections, showing up in dresses, in butterfly patterns, and yes, in ombre hair.

Fur trim: PETA protesters, avert your eyes. Fur was among the luxe trims that stood out for spring, showing up on hoods and cuffs in the Holt Renfrew and Pink Tartan collections (perhaps faux? One can hope). Wear if you dare...

Metallics: We're calling it now: metallics are the new animal print. Gold or silver, take your pick -- they'll both work for spring, and were on shirts, pants, frocks, you name it, at Holts, Pink Tartan and Pavoni. Metallic creams and whites will also do well if that's what your heart desires.

Structured bodycon: Ok, maybe it's just best to call it fitted, but a snug fit was a good fit on many of the long-sleeve dresses shown in the Holts collection. Pink Tartan added a decidedly 60s flare to its body-flaunting pieces, with slender models in bra tops and long shorts showing off lots of skin. And Pavoni took bodycon in a most opulent direction with its mermaid gowns and cocktail dresses fit for any red carpet.

Skirts with swing: The opposite of bodycon! Full skirts long and short were in fine form in all three collections.

Ultra-luxe embellishments: Pavoni leads the pack on this trend, with intricate beading and sequins setting off the gowns in their collection to striking effect, but Holt's and Pink Tartan's collections were also rich with sequins, beads, brocade textures on silk fabric. If you like shiny, spring 2013 is your season.

Take a peek at the spring 2013 collections shown at Toronto Fashion Week:

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