10/24/2012 11:41 EDT

Kids Halloween: Send Us Your Cutest Halloween Costume As A Kid


Being a kid during Halloween basically means you're a blank canvas for your parents to either test out their creative skills or just dress you up in something they think is cute. And as it turns out, most of these costumes, as goofy as they were, were pretty darn cute.

The face paint, the over-sized body suits and the creepy looking masks are all part of growing up and experiencing those first few years of Halloween. And it's fair to say, these days costumes are getting more unique than ever. Trends in 2012 include tiny presidential candidates, homemade robots and probably the strangest — baby Borat.

Some costumes like Superman, witches and princesses will never go out of style, but we all still remember dressing up as characters from Star Wars, Jem and The Holograms (which is back!) or pop stars like Michael Jackson and Madonna.

So let's go back in time — we want to see your cutest (and most embarrassing) costumes from your childhood! Click below to upload your own picture:

Your Cutest Childhood Halloween Costume