10/24/2012 14:55 EDT | Updated 12/24/2012 05:12 EST

Revelstoke looks to prevent snowy roof collapses

The City of Revelstoke is changing its building codes after several roofs collapsed under the heavy snowfalls of recent winters.

The wet heavy snow that has fallen on the B.C. mountain town in the last few years has stressed trusses and support beams, routinely bringing down the roofs on carports, trailers and even the local sawmill.

Homeowner Michael Moore's carport collapsed in 2011.

"In my case there was a beam that failed," said Moore. "It does sort of shed light over time building codes have not been up to snuff."

Building codes in Revelstoke, like many cities, were developed on an ad hoc basis. Now city hall says those building codes aren't enough for modern buildings and changes in weather patterns.

"Some of the newer buildings we are getting have fairly complex roof lines," said Mayor David Raven.

"We just wanted to be very careful with the anticipated heavier snow loading with global warming, to ensure that we don't have a lot of damage within those buildings," said Mayor David Raven.

Residents will get a look at the sturdier roof requirements Wednesday night, which council is expected to adopt them.

Raven says the changes may add to the cost of building, but it won't be much — especially compared to the cost of a collapsed roof.