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Alberta Bachelorette Chantelle Leaves The Bachelor

The Bachelor Canada

Alberta bachelorette Chantelle has left the Bachelor.


But unlike every other bachelorette that has left the Canadian rendition of the popular reality TV series up to this point, the giggly Alberta pastor left on her own terms, after receiving a call at the Victoria mansion from her parents back home telling Chantelle her grandfather had died.

The Sylvan Lake resident packed up her things and told the bachelor she had to come home. And with that, she was gone.


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The occasion provided the first real glimpse of character in the show so far - for the better in Chantelle's case and for the not-so-good for bachelor Brad Smith.

Wednesday night was the fourth episode and up to that point, Chantelle had been the fish-out-of-water - young, cute, giggly, a pastor and, as she confessed to Smith last week, a virgin - who always proclaimed the importance she placed on her faith and family.

On Wednesday night's episode, she proved it.

Smith on the other hand had professed all along how he admired the Alberta native and how important it was for him to get to know Chantelle. But once Chantelle told him she was leaving, Smith did little to try and work through the situation or explore alternatives or solutions to her predicament.

The former Edmonton Eskimo constantly changes the rules of the game anyway. He could've maybe agreed to meet up with Chantelle after the funeral, seeing how he was going to be visiting the family of the last remaining Alberta bachelorette Whitney two hours down the road in Calgary anyway.

Afterwards, Smith described the week so far as one of the best of his entire life.

Go figure..

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