10/25/2012 10:54 EDT

Dime Watch, UBC Creepshot Style Website, Shut Down By University

The University of British Columbia has shut down a website that posted candid photographs of women without their consent and included lewd commentary with the images. It's believed some varsity athletes at the school are behind the site.

Dime Watch was, until Thursday, a site where users could post photos of women rated as "Dimes," a slang word for people who are a "perfect 10" on an attractiveness scale, the Province reported.

A corresponding Twitter account, @ubcdimewatch, was also shut down.

A Tweet on that account from March 2012 stated, "High traffic area beside #StormTheWall heavy #dime potential #dimewatch polish my pole." The Tweet was accompanied by a candid shot of students gathering for Storm the Wall, a popular UBC sports event.

A number of Tweets attached to the same account are still available on Twicsy, a website that captures Twitter pics.

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The Ubyssey student newspaper reported that UBC is looking into disciplining a number of varsity athletes for their apparent involvement in the site.

The website was registered by Ben Schmidt, a defenceman for the UBC Thunderbirds hockey team, reported the paper.

The Ubyssey quoted Schmidt confirming this in a Tweet, saying, "I registered the domain and created the basic website layout for a friend. Didn’t expect publicity for it."

The paper went on to say that a number of athletes believed to have been involved with the site were called in for a meeting with UBC Athletics on Wednesday to ensure that the website and Twitter account had been taken down. UBC Athletics is still investigating who was involved and will decide if there will be consequences.

The popular UBC Insiders blog linked to a screenshot of a WHOIS search showing the name "Ben Schmidt" as the registrar for

The blog went on to note that UBC athletes are involved in "Be More Than a Bystander," a campaign to raise awareness of violence against women.