10/25/2012 05:30 EDT | Updated 10/25/2012 05:37 EDT

Justin Trudeau Gangnam Style Parody Is Hilarious (VIDEO)

Justin Trudeau "Gangnam Style" — was there ever something more inevitable?

While the real thing has yet to happen, a new parody titled "Justin Trudeau Style" from 12-year-old political video whiz Sam Barringer is stirring up buzz on YouTube.

The spoof on Psy's ridiculously viral video sees Barringer give a very convincing portrayal of Trudeau. Canoes, big hair and even that unfortunate sweater from his recent Maclean's photo shoot all make appearances. Also, explosions.

Best line? "I'm the son of Pierre/And I am close to being as debonair/ But I am pretty fortunate I got my mother's hair."

This isn't the first time Barringer has caught the attention of the media. Last year, he made a video spoofing the Ontario leadership debate which scored him a guest spot on TVO's "The Agenda" with Steve Paikin.

As for the future, our crystal ball tells us two things: 1. Berringer will be on "22 Minutes" one day and 2. Trudeau will dance "Gangnam Style" before the year is out. You heard us Justin, we're waiting.

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