10/26/2012 12:05 EDT | Updated 12/26/2012 05:12 EST

Burnaby hospital report not biased says B.C. Liberal MLA

Allegations the B.C. Liberals have hijacked a public consultation committee investigating the problems at Burnaby Hospital are untrue, according to the committee chair, B.C. Liberal MLA Harry Bloy.

The public consultation committee was formed last spring after eight senior doctors issued a warning of the high number of C. difficile bacterial infections at the hospital.

Yesterday, NDP health critic Mike Farnworth said leaked emails show the committee was being run by Liberal party insiders who were manipulating the process and ignoring public input.

According to Farnworth, the emails indicate the final report, which is being written by former B.C. Liberal Party president, Sonja Sanguinetti, will blame the Fraser Health Authority for the problems at the hospital, rather than the Liberal government.

“Now we see this committee for what it really is: a sham intended to provide cover for the Liberal government whose inaction caused the problems at Burnaby in the first place"

Serving the community

But the committee chair Liberal MLA Harry Bloy denies the allegations and says he supports the decision to have Sanguinette write the final report.

"Sonja Sanguinetti has been in the community for a very long time and has done a lot of community work over the years, besides serving as party president 10 or 15 years ago," said Bloy.

"She's competent to be able to write the report and she has compiled a report I believe everybody in Burnaby will be impressed with."

The committee's spokesman, Dr. David Jones, also said the report will not contain recommendations, comments, or any political spin as suggested by the NDP health critic.

"Yes, we have had some volunteer help with logistics from deeply concerned Burnaby citizens who also belong to the B.C. Liberal Party. But being a B.C. Liberal member or supporter does not invalidate ones genuine desire to help make their community hospital better," said Jones in a statement issued on Thursday.

"The committee’s report will be a factual presentation of what the committee heard from the many citizens, organizations, healthcare workers, unions, citizens and professionals who took the time to engage with the committee, either through verbal or written submissions or presentations at over eight different public meetings," he said.