10/26/2012 09:46 EDT

Common Thread: What Do Natalie Portman, Kristen Stewart And Teenage Carrie Bradshaw Have In Common?

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In the wonderful world of fashion, everyone — and everything — is connected. We’re taking a look at who and what made waves in the past seven days, and weaving a common thread between them. From odd celebrity beauty-spokesperson interviews to children playing fashion’s main players, this is your one-stop style-story shop.

Common Thread Week Of October 26

1. Natalie Portman. An ad for Dior mascara starring Natalie Portman has been banned in the U.K. after L'Oreal U.K. complained the starlet's lashes had been digitally altered. Companies aren’t allowed to use photo manipulation to enhance the effects of the advertised product.

Do you know what other beauty industry spokesperson should’ve been banned?

2. Kristen Stewart. As the face (and voice) of Balenciaga’s newest fragrance Florabotanica, Kristen Stewart sat down with a patient French interviewer to field questions from the actress's fans about the fashion house's latest scent. While we admit that talking abstractedly about a perfume for half an hour is a tall order for even the most articulate media-trained celebrity, she really falls short…15 minutes short, actually. Watch the video, but be prepared to squirm in your seat.

Do you know who else is making us feel very uncomfortable in our (airplane) seats?

3. Abercrombie & Fitch. The CEO of the bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed brand, Michael Jeffries, came under fire for his bizarre list of requirements for the model crew of his executive jet. From wearing a uniform of boxer briefs and black gloves to only being allowed to reply with "No problem" to any request, the full employee manual is quite the read.

Do you know who wouldn’t look out of place on the Abercrombie & Fitch jet?

4. Rob Evans. The model and new judge on 'America’s Next Top Model' has a warrant out for his arrest after getting into a fight at Next Model Management in Beverly Hills and hospitalizing someone earlier this year; since he used to be a professional boxer in England, his hands are considered weapons.

Do you know who’s using their hands for good not evil?

5. Teenage Carrie Bradshaw. This 'Sex in the City' style icon is once again tip tapping away on her keyboard and back into our hearts in a new prequel TV series 'The Carrie Diaries'. In this just-released preview we learn New York editors are in the habit of giving their business cards to precocious 16-year-olds and 80s fashion was all about neon and nothing else.

Do you know who else is taking our favourite trendsetters and sending them back in time?

6. The Coveteur. To celebrate their website redesign, The Coveteur shot an adorable video with a cast of colourful fashion-industry characters… as children. Narrated by Canadian fashion-media maven Jeanne Beker with appearances from baby “Brad Goreski”, mini “Anna dello Russo” and little “Leigh Lezark”, the video is tots amaze.