11/01/2012 03:33 EDT

Date Night Essentials: What to Keep In Your Beauty Kit


A first date can be the most stirring, or the most daunting depending on what mindset you find yourself in, or how much you dig the person. I always find that having the right beauty essentials can make everything seem like it will be okay, even if you spill a handful of spaghetti on your date’s lap.

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For A Fresh Mouth: Nothing can ruin a moment like the remains of that spicy calamari on your palate. Sometimes chomping on gum isn’t the most discreet and you want a little something more than a mint. Lush’s Toothy Tabs bring toothpaste in a tiny pill form for an easy brush-up in the bathroom to leave you feeling fresh and natural, without the goopy mess in your purse.

Try: Lush’s Toothy Tabs

For That Giggle Glow: Date night should always look like you, only a little bit more polished. If there is one product that should always be on the list, it’s blush. A soft pink glow will look great whether you’re nabbing a strike or ¬¬sitting under candlelight.

Try: Nars blush in “Luster”

For Touchable Tresses: You never know when a gust of wind or sneaky hands may find their way into your mane. Whether your hair is needle straight or a curly fro like mine, a bit of shine spray can help keep it looking and smelling great.

Try: Fekkai Advanced Brilliant Glossing Spray

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