10/31/2012 08:48 EDT

Top 5 Must-Read U.S. Fashion And Style Blogs For Canadians


Fashion bloggers have opened up the world of fashion to anyone with access to the Internet. From fashion shows, to exclusive photos of celebrities, to showcasing the latest trends, these individuals have helped shape the fashion industry as we know it today. In honour of these wonderful writers, we have chosen our top five fashion bloggers! (Let us know if we've missed any @HuffPostCaStyle.)

Top 5 Must-Read U.S. Fashion And Style Blogs For Canadians

1. Tavi Gevinson From The Style Rookie

As the youngest fashion blogger on this list, Tavi Gevinson sure knows how to run with the pros. The Chicago native started her blog, The Style Rookie, when she was just 11 years old as a creative outlet and to write about the things her and her friends enjoyed.

Her first posts were short and basic in nature but demonstrated her true interest in fashion. As time progressed, the posts became more detailed about the brands she was wearing and her inspirations around her fashion choices. And today, her blog is an all-encompassing guide to everything fashion and entertainment.

In addition to her blog, Tavi is the founder and editor-in-chief of Rookie Magazine, an online publication directed toward teenage girls that features writing, photography and videos for categories such as music, tech, eye candy, books, comics and style.

Through the use of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more, Tavi’s blog has reached millions worldwide and grabbed the attention of top fashion publications such as Teen Vogue, French Vogue, and Pop. She is also partly the inspiration for Rodarte’s clothing line for Target and has been a prominent guest at many fashion shows.

This fashionista has opened up the world of fashion to a younger generation, creating a wider market for brands and promoting self-expression internationally.

2. Kathryn Finney From The Budget Fashionista

It goes without saying that fashion and high price tags do not necessarily go hand in hand. Whether you shop at high-end stores or vintage consignment shops, it’s the pieces you choose that matter. This rings true for Kathryn Finney, founder of The Budget Fashionista, a website designed for those with an eye for fashion but a lack of funds.

Born in Minneapolis and currently living in New York City, Kathryn runs a media company called TBF Group, LLC, in addition to investing in various projects. She has been featured on various media outlets such as CNN, E!, and Style, in addition to publications including The New York Times and InStyle (and we also had the chance to sit down with the frugal fashionista earlier this month).

Considering the real median income in the U.S. in 2010 was $49,445, it’s safe to say that not everyone can afford to consistently shop at designer stores for the trends of the season. This is where The Budget Fashionista comes in with her Deals, Advice, Style, and Shopping Guides sections. Within these categories, readers can find information on everything from online sample sales, how to wear various pieces, beauty tips, and celebrity looks for less.

The importance of budget-friendly fashion as well as the brilliance of high-end brands designing lines for various chain retailers is highlighted through this blog in addition to Kathryn’s Facebook page.

3. Bryan Boy

No one can deny the power and influence that is Bryan Grey Yambao, aka Bryan Boy. He is currently tapped on to be a part of America’s Next Top Model cycle 19 and is making waves with his blog entries. His blog features everything fashion with a little bit of celebrity mixed in. But, our favourite part is his 'Me, myself, moi' section which features his personal style adventures and looks. Along with the fashion section that boasts amazing footage of fashion shows and insider looks at the models' clothing racks, Bryan Boy focuses on the glitter and glam of the fashion world.

Since the debut of his website, Bryan Boy has solidified the notion that high-end fashion is a truly glamorous industry that cannot be ignored. His posts create a yearning to know more about this elusive world that not many get to experience first-hand.

Recently, Bryan Boy has introduced a Facebook page as well as a Tumblr blog and Twitter to reach a wider audience and has gained great exposure from media outlets such as The New York Times, Elle and Teen Vogue. He’s even been recognized by designers themselves, with Marc Jacobs even naming his BB Ostrich Bag after Bryan Boy!

4. Aliza Licht From DKNY PR Girl

Once again, DKNY PR Girl has made it onto one of our lists. This fashion blog is running at the top of its game, with posts written “when 140 characters aren't enough”. Focused on all things Donna Karan New York, this blog highlights the life of PR girl, Aliza Licht, with everything from travels, to ad campaigns, and of course, fashion.

Her posts on Twitter showcase brief snippets of what the entire Tumblr blog has to offer, as well as acts as a direct link between her and her followers. And with the ability to ‘Like’ everything on the blog as you would on Facebook, DKNY PR Girl encourages its readers to interact with the brand.

Aliza Licht highlights the glamour of the fashion world with inside looks at various shows and events. The fashion world is now at our fingertips thanks to DKNY PR Girl.

5. Perez Hilton

No list of influential bloggers would be complete without the self-proclaimed “Queen of all media”, Perez Hilton. Born Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr, the Miami native started blogging as a hobby, but it soon became a career path. Since launching in 2004, Perez Hilton’s website (originally named, has grown from being a site in which celebrities were dissed and photos were doodled, to the go-to site for all things celebrity.

Through his website revamp, Perez Hilton also showcased his personal transformation to live a happier and healthier lifestyle and encouraged his loyal following to do the same. Between his Facebook page and Twitter posts, his “Perezious” readers have been kept up-to-date on his new posts including photos and videos.

But our favourite blogger didn’t stop after successfully re-launching his main site; he continued to grow with category-specific sites Coco Perez “where celebrity meets fashion”, Teddy Hilton for everything animal-related, Fit Perez “focused on fitness, health, and wellness and celebrities”, and Perezitos for “Celebrities. Their Kids. Your Kids, Parenting. Fun!”

Coco Perez has revolutionized the reach of the fashion world by creating an all-encompassing site that showcases everything from up-and-comers to seasoned designers, as well as tracking the newest trends and providing some of the best fashion advice around.

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