10/28/2012 02:32 EDT | Updated 10/28/2012 03:42 EDT

#PrayForCanada: Justin Bieber Fans Help Hashtag Related To B.C. Earthquake Trend On Twitter

A fan of pop star Justin Bieber cheers outside a hotel where Bieber gave a news conference in Mexico City, Monday, June 11, 2012. Bieber will perform in a free open-air concert tonight at the Mexico City's main historic plaza, the Zocalo. (AP Photo/Alexandre Meneghini)

Justin Bieber fans, as we know, are fierce in their devotion to the young superstar. And when the Biebs tells them to do something, they do it. Even when it's not really him issuing the command.

When a magnitude 7.7 earthquake struck B.C.'s coastal Haida Gwaii area Saturday night, it resulted in a tweet from a fake Justin Bieber Twitter account, asking everyone to pray for Canada.

The fake account, which has more than 90,000 followers, wrote:

Within moments, Beliebers were tweeting their support. Some assumed this was because the singer had family in Vancouver (the last time we checked, he is from Stratford, Ont.) and before long, #PrayForCanada started trending worldwide on Twitter, with some non-Bieber-fan tweets of genuine support for Canada also in the mix.

While the first few reactions showed concern for the safety of Bieber and Canadians alike, it quickly escalated to wanting to protect all things Canadian.

Some worried about our adequate supply of maple syrup:

Others knew what would really make Canadians panic:

Many were actually worried about the safety of B.C. and Canadian residents. The hashtag quickly started being used by those talking about the earthquake who wanted to make sure everyone was safe.

Some, it seemed, knew the real reason for all the worry:

We're just glad nobody is shearing their hair off this time, like the #BaldforBieber hoax from last week, when tweets surfaced claiming superstar Justin Bieber allegedly had cancer, goading fans to shave their heads in support.

At the time of publish, the real Justin Bieber had tweeted mainly on #segwayswag, chilling out, and loving his fans.

See more of what Twitter had to say below: