10/29/2012 01:36 EDT

Halloween Photobombs: Send Us Your Funny (And Creepy) Halloween Moments


Forget everything you know about flying space objects and creepy little girls Photoshopped into family pictures — the creepiest (and funniest) photobombs only happen on Halloween.

Besides seeing all the fun, creative (and scary) costumes, these photobombs have everything from awkward faces caught between large group pictures, scary masks lurking in the background and tons of cats, Batmen and Waldos ruining (or enhancing) a perfectly good shot.

And if photobombs aren't your thing, we also rounded up 65 of the most terrified faces at the Nightmares Fear Factory haunted house in Niagara Falls, Ont. earlier this month.

In the spirit of this traditionally "scary" holiday, we thought we'd give you a good laugh with some of these amazing photobombs from Twitter, Instagram and Happy Halloween!

Check it out: 50 amazing photobombs..Send us your own @huffpostcaliv or and we'll add it to the slideshow.

Halloween Photobombs