10/29/2012 10:41 EDT | Updated 10/29/2012 11:35 EDT

RCMP Rescues Bald Eagle Injured In Nova Scotia (PHOTO)

What happens when a mountie meets an eagle? Something incredible.

In Baddeck, N.S., a driver accidentally hit an eagle that flew into the road, Buzzfeed wrote. The man waved down an RCMP car passing by and, afraid the eagle would fall down a nearby ravine, an officer held the bird until a wildlife specialist arrived.

Sadly, the eagle didn't pull through, according to a post on the RCMP's Facebook page on Sunday.

"The eagle was checked out by a number of technicians and veterinarians but it could not be saved due to the extent of its injuries. Like all of you we wish it was better news and we are saddened by this," the Facebook post read.

However the heart-warming story, and the amazing photo of the officer, are getting plenty of attention on Reddit.

This isn't the first time a brave officer has rescued one of these amazing birds. Earlier in October, two constables responded to a report of an injured bird disrupting traffic on Highway 4 near Port Alberni. While one officer attended to traffic, the other used a blanket and pet carrier to rescue what turned out to be an eagle with a broken wing. After rehabilitation, it will hopefully be released back into the wild.

That's not to say you should attempt to rescue wildlife, too. As one redditor noted, "Whether injured or not and whether you're trying to help them or not makes no difference in the likelihood of them trying to bite your nipples off."