10/29/2012 01:10 EDT | Updated 03/11/2013 05:02 EDT

Beauty Tips: Makeup And Hair Trends For Spring 2013 From Toronto Fashion Week


It's a wrap on World MasterCard Fashion Week for spring 2013. And while all of the buzz over the past week has been about the clothing items we'll be wearing, we thought it would be fun to take a look at the beauty trends we saw strut down the runway -- largely because there appeared to be so much agreement between designers on what the big makeup and hair looks will be next season.

Wondering how you should do your hair and face for spring/summer 2013? Courtesy of Toronto Fashion Week's Maybelline and Redken artists, here are the top trends from the runway (with a few tips on how to perfect them in real life).

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Bold, Bright And Big Lips

From Joe Fresh's corals to Evan Biddell's rockin' rouges or Lucian Matis' fuscias, spring/summer 2013 is all about the lip. The trend can be a little daunting to pull off if you're not used to wearing makeup, so start off small by swiping some colour on your pout and neutralizing the shade a bit with lip gloss. You can wear the lipstick matte, if you're more daring. Just be sure to pair the look with a neutral eye.

Natural Locks

Spring 2013 is all about saying "see ya" to your heated hair tools. It was nice to see so many of the models at World MasterCard Fashion Week sporting loose braids, top buns and bouncy curls (too often it looks like a model's hair has been teased, flat-ironed or permed into oblivion). Let your strands go stray (seriously, it was thing at Arthur Mendonca) and embrace your lovely locks being au naturel.

The "Fresh" Face

Given spring is usually about freshening up and awakening to a new season, it's usually no surprise to see bare-faced looks on a runway. What was surprising about Toronto Fashion Week, though, is just how many designers made a makeup-less face their "main" beauty trend for 2013 -- which is a great thing if you're afraid of wearing a full face. Perfect your barely there appearance by dabbing on some lip gloss, using a wee bit of mascara and adding a few swipes of blush to cheeks; these three small steps will give you an enviable natural glow.

Pink Hair

If you were getting sick of the dip-dyed hair trend, we're sorry to report it's still "in" for spring. Courtesy of Pink Tartan, pink is really the hue to reach for -- just make sure your chosen shade is more neutral than "in your face." The idea is to go be subtle not blatant.

Smoky Eyes

A dramatic eye is still a hot go-to for evening for spring 2013. From dark and mysterious -- with black eyeliner and greyish eyeshadow -- to a more natural, blended effect -- think browns and beiges -- perfecting the smoky eye (regardless of the shade of makeup you use) is a must for next season.

Turbans And Hair Accessories

This could be the coolest and most daring beauty trend from Toronto Fashion Week: turbans. Courtesy of Soia & Kyo, this hair accessory is going to be the thing you want your hair to be whipped into place with. Not only will turbans give any outfit a serious cool factor, they'll also hide a bad hair day in a cinch. You can also opt for clips and barrettes to hold up buns or keep braids in place.

Fun Eyeliners

If you think your peepers are your best beauty asset, you'll love this look (which was featured on runways belonging to Holt Renfrew and Pavoni). Designed to complement a natural face (and, presumably, neutral clothing), many a designer featured models who had green and blue eyeliner thickly drawn on eyelids. There were even futuristic silver options at VAWK and VAWKIN. Pair this bold eye with neutral lips and a few swipes of mascara.