10/30/2012 08:14 EDT | Updated 12/30/2012 05:12 EST

Alberta Family Kicked Out Of Temporary Housing After Flood 2 Years Ago


IRVINE, Alta. - An Alberta woman says her family says is being kicked out of their temporary home even though repairs on their flooded house aren't complete two years after being flooded.

Jamie Chatfield, her husband and four children have been living in temporary housing provided by Alberta Emergency Management Agency following the June 2010 flood.

Alberta Municipal Affairs spokesman Cam Traynor says "temporary" is the keyword.

He says they've given a few extensions, but the mobile homes are needed for people who need affordable housing.

Chatfield says their home in Irvine, near Medicine Hat, had extensive structural damage and had to be gutted.

She says if the province would have given them the money to fix the house, they would be back in their own home, instead of still living in temporary housing.

"We would have been up, done and finished and living in our home. Now we're just back and forth and struggling."

Traynor say they'll continue providing assistance for the families beyond Wednesday's deadline.

Chatfield says her husband has since taken a job in northern Alberta to help pay for the work.

"He's only here for a week at a time, so you can only get so much done."

Her family has to be out by Wednesday.

Chatfield says her family is preparing to live in their recreational trailer for the winter.

"The hardship has been mostly on the kids. They kind of have no home. It's sad, actually."

In the fall of 2010, opposition parties raised concerns about a private company that handled full administration of flood claims.

At that time, the Alberta government had paid out less than $25 million on claims to homeowners and business for damage suffered in the flooding in the southeastern portion of the province.

The province had promised $200 million in aid to flood victims in July 2010.

Flooding and heavy rain forced about a dozen homes to be abandoned in the hamlet of Irvine in June 2010. Some residents had to be evacuated by boats and helicopters.