10/30/2012 12:26 EDT | Updated 10/30/2012 12:47 EDT

Chocolate Bar Recipes: The Best Desserts To Be Made From Halloween Candy

Casa Veneracion

They’re staring you down. Those bags of candy purchased for the neighbourhood kids, just waiting until October 31 — or for the moment when you can’t resist any longer, and just start dropping miniature versions of chocolate bars right into your mouth.

We all know it can be near impossible to keep yourself from eating all the Halloween candy — though we do recommend reading a tip or two on at least attempting to abstain — but the stash also needn't be consumed so boringly on its own.

Thanks to the inventiveness of the Internet, there are plenty of options available for mixing and matching in your kitchen. Naturally, it all results in super sweet desserts, but if that's what you're into, then you certainly won't be complaining as the bowl of Halloween treats get smaller and your family (and co-workers) get impressed.

Check out this slideshow of desserts you can create with Halloween chocolate and candy bars. Have a suggestion of your own? Let us know in the comments below.

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Chocolate Bar-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chips are great — but you know what's even better? A full (alright, fine, a mini) chocolate bar stuffed in the middle of a cookie, so thank you to The Kitchen Magpie for opening up that option to us.

Twix Bar Brownies

If you're the type of eater who enjoys a bit of crunch when you bite in, these Twix Bar Brownies via Recipe Girl are right up your alley — or you could try out her

Snicker's Bar Mini Tarts, Lemon Bars With Kit Kat Crust, etc. ... the list goes on and on.

Skittles Chocolate Cookies

Have a ton of little packets of candies? Then where better to put a bunch of them than into chocolate cookies, as The Cereal Baker did. We wonder if it would work with Fuzzy Peaches as well ...

Kit Kat Confetti Cake

Why yes, you are looking at a cake covered in Nips (they're similar to Smarties), guarded by Kit Kats. That is the genius behind this 'Confetti Cake' from Casa Veneracion, meant for celebrations or, you know, November 1.

Fun-Size Frosting Sandwich

As per Cakespy's delectable looking post on how to best incorporate "fun size" candy into your dessert: "Sandwich together two Fun Size bars with a generous smear of buttercream frosting. Ignore any objections or concerns that may arise as a result of friends, arteries, or better judgment, and let the party in your mouth begin." She also has some ideas for a Mega Fun-Size Chocolate Bar that you might just want to indulge in.

Mars Bar Chocolate Mousse

A chocolate mousses that incorporates the nougat of Mars bar? Yes, we're signed on — and thanks to Megabekatron, there's a recipe you can follow as well.