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Food Superstitions: Strange Beliefs To Help Your Culinary Luck


Food Superstitions: Strange Beliefs To Help Your Culinary

“If a black cat crosses your path, it signifies that the animal is going somewhere.” —Groucho Marx

With Halloween ghosts and evil spirits just ‘round the corner, we wondered what, other than our daily bowl of Lucky Charms, we could do to keep ourselves luck-laden. One look in the kitchen (and into folklore) and we discovered lots of fortuitous foods that up our chances.

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Bread seems to be a hotbed of folklore focus. Don’t wash a bread knife on Sundays, don’t cut both ends off a loaf (you’ll free the Devil to fly all over your house) and, according to European superstition, keep your bread upright because an upside-down loaf can bring bad luck. Also, do as the Romanian superstition dictates: eat the corners from the bread to create a good relationship with your mother-in-law. No corners on our loaves anymore.


Eating lettuce is said to help a young woman get pregnant while parsley will help prevent pregnancy. Not what they taught us in health class, but we’re off salads for now. Oh yes, and we can’t forget the ancient superstition that smelling basil will bring a scorpion into your brain.

Hot Peppers & Knives

Don’t pass hot peppers or knives to anyone. Instead, we’re told to put them down on the counter and let the other person pick them up — it will avert disagreements and discord (and cut fingers).


Forget cutting carbs. Long noodles are where it’s at — eat them long (cut them in half and prepare to meet your maker) because in China long noodles are slurped to bring a long life.


If you’re heading to the theatre or a NASCAR race, leave the peanuts at home — many actors and racecar drivers are spooked by the supposedly bad-luck-legume.


Totally obvious, but carrying a clove in your pocket will make you so smelly even the Evil Eye won’t look your way.


Get cracking because a double yolk could mean marriage or twins, however, a black spot on a yolk is a bad omen and no yolk…well…let’s just hope that never happens.

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