10/30/2012 11:36 EDT | Updated 12/30/2012 05:12 EST

N.S. government boosts amount of time students study math, alters curriculum

HALIFAX - The Nova Scotia government is boosting the amount of time students will spend studying math.

Education Minister Ramona Jennex announced the changes today, saying Grade 10 students will spend twice as much time learning math when they go to a full-year course from a semestered one in 2013.

The province is also changing math curriculum to add lessons on financial literacy, including tips on how to keep a budget and calculate interest.

Jennex says Grade 10 students will be among the first to receive the new curriculum, which is already being used in most other provinces and territories.

The new curriculum will be phased in over three years, starting in 2013 with grades Primary to 3 and Grade 10.