10/31/2012 05:20 EDT | Updated 10/31/2012 05:30 EDT

Halloween Birthdays: Spookiest Songs By Boo-rthday Celebrators From U2, The Smiths, Beastie Boys and More

Scary halloween pumpkins jack-o-lantern on black background

It really sucks to have your birthday on Christmas, since so many people who aren't even having a birthday get freaking presents and it totally is your actual birthday and, well, blergh.

But what if your birthday was a day of unbridled hedonism where everyone dresses up in cool costumes and either hits the streets for too much candy or hits the bars and house parties for too many drinks? Not too shabby.

Well, it turns out a fair number of musical folks were born on Halloween so we decided to dig around and see if their spooky birthdays have had any impact on their musical output...

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