11/01/2012 05:33 EDT | Updated 01/01/2013 05:12 EST

Graham Mair Awarded $1.5 Million For Hospital Brain Injury


VANCOUVER - A man who passed out after being left unattended by an emergency room doctor has been awarded almost $1.5 million in compensation by a B.C. Supreme Court.

Graham Mair was 17-years-old when he went to the Chilliwack, B.C., hospital in October 2004 for some stitches because he sliced open his hand with a chisel.

The trial heard that Dr. Kimphry Tu left Mair alone in a treatment room with his hand running under high-pressure water to clean the wound.

No one saw Mair faint and hit his head on the floor, but a later assessment showed he had a traumatic brain injury that dramatically changed his emotions, and left him with memory, planning and concentration problems.

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Saunders said in his ruling that Mair's injury was profound, permanent and will affect every aspect of his marriage, work and social life.

The court has awarded Mair $1.25 million for lost of earning capacity, $200,000 in damages and $10,000 for cost of future care.

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