11/01/2012 05:02 EDT | Updated 11/02/2012 12:37 EDT

High vs. Low: We Put Brow Gels From Lancome And Sephora To The Test

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Brows are having a moment right now, and that means that there’s a plethora of brow products out there to try. If you don’t currently use a brow product, now is the time to give one a whirl – you’ll be surprised at how much of a difference a mere swipe of a brow gel can make, and the difference between a professional makeup job and an amateur one is that the brows must be groomed or even filled in. This is what makes celebs look so good in pictures!

So how much do you really need to spend?

We put two brands to the test: Sephora’s Transparent Waterproof Brow Gel ($14) and Lancome’s Hypnose Brow Shaper ($28).

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Both feature small brushes with sparse bristles so you snag loose eyebrow hairs easily. Both claim to be transparent, and long-lasting. Sephora claims their gel goes the extra mile by being waterproof, but the question is whether you really need a waterproof eyebrow product – after all, it’s not like your tears are going to get up there.

In the end, it’s the waterproof part that actually makes the Sephora brow gel a loser. The gel goes on clear, but actually dries to a waxy consistency that you can see on dark hair. It’s not ideal because although you think you can swipe it on really quickly, if you even get a bit too much, the gel looks obvious and you have to wash your face to be able to get it off.

Meanwhile, the Lancome gel goes on clear and stays clear. The consistency is great and your brow hairs stay set in place while the gel feels natural to the touch.

Though you’re paying double the price, it’s worth it because you’re actually going to use the Lancome gel.

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