11/01/2012 02:21 EDT | Updated 11/01/2012 04:32 EDT

Sampled Vancouver: Avicii 'Levels' Remix By 'I F*cking Hate That'

It's hard enough to do a good remix of a famous house track, but to do it using the sounds of a city? That's another challenge entirely.

Yet that's precisely what Lower Mainland duo "I F*cking Hate That" have done. They sampled the sounds of downtown Vancouver for their latest video "Sampled Vancouver, "amplifying and arranging them into a creative remix of Avicii's famous house music track "Levels."

Matt Dennison and Jason Lucas have produced videos and posted them online since at least 2009. Their work covers a variety of topics and genres.

Their latest shows "Levels" being played out using sounds such as sewer covers, the Skytrain, ticket vendors and a half-empty Coke bottle. So far it has gotten over 47,000 views on YouTube.

Just last week they posted "Breaking Bad Halloween," a spoof of the popular TV show. It depicted a Walter White-like character frantically trying to finish a batch of crystal meth on Halloween night while his friend tries to persuade him to go trick-or-treating.

The duo has also created a video titled "How to Cope with NHL Lockout," which showed a Canadian trying to distract himself from the hockey lockout by taking up new sports and hobbies... and failing at it.

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