11/02/2012 09:47 EDT | Updated 11/03/2012 11:54 EDT

Carol Edith MacKechnie Sues After Being Crushed By Bull At Canadian Finals Rodeo, Edmonton (VIDEO)

A woman who was crushed by a bull at the Canadian Finals Rodeo in 2010 has launched a lawsuit.

She claims she was hurt when a bull jumped over the fence and into the crowd at the Canadian Finals Rodeo at Rexall Place in Edmonton (see video above.)

Carol Edith MacKechnie is suing Edmonton Northlands and the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association for $450,000, The Edmonton Sun reports.

She claims to have suffered numerous injuries including, "fractures to her pelvis, cheekbone and orbital bones, extensive internal injuries, extensive contusions and abrasions, acceleration of pre-existing early on-set Alzheimer's and post-traumatic stress disorder," CBC reports.

The Government of Alberta is also suing for $50,000 in health care costs, CBC adds.

The woman recording the video gasps as the bull jumps over, saying "That thing jumped over the gate."

"Someone's badly hurt over there," she says, adding, "Never take your eye off the bull."