11/02/2012 10:24 EDT | Updated 11/02/2012 10:29 EDT

Common Thread: A Compendium Of The Week That Was In Style News

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In the wonderful world of fashion, everyone — and everything — is connected. We’re taking a look at who and what made waves in the past seven days, and weaving a common thread between them. From questionable manufacturing standards to the case of the disappearing thigh, this is your one-stop style-story shop.

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1. American Apparel. No stranger to controversy, American Apparel created a Twitter maelstrom this week when they launched a “Sandy Sale” on their ecommerce site. The Made-in-America clothing company offered visitors 20 per cent off “in case you’re bored” during Hurricane Sandy. Americans weren't happy that the retailer was making light of — and trying to profit from — a storm that claimed 85 lives.

Do you know what other retailer is out of favour in America?

2. Forever 21. The U.S. Department of Labor has asked for documents from Forever 21’s multiple manufacturing contracts and non-U.S. factories, but the fast-fashion goliath has not been forthcoming. A Department rep said that Forever 21 has been producing goods (read: mullet skirts and faux-leather booties) in sweatshop-like conditions and therefore must take legal action.

Did you know there’s another mammoth retailer that’s under attack for their labour practices?

3. H&M. After a documentary criticizing H&M’s factory environments aired on Swedish television this week, a Dutch labour alliance The Clean Clothes Campaign asked the mega-chain to address why it’s paying its Cambodian workers 25 per cent less than the country’s living wage, which is $131 a month. And H&M actually did (well, sort of).

Do you know what other popular fashion outlet found itself on shaky ground?

4. J.Crew. A graphic designer for J.Crew’s online shopping site was a little too liberal with the eraser tool this week and rubbed away a healthy chunk of a model’s inner thigh. It turns out the purveyors of geek chic may also need a lesson in Photoshop.

Do you know whom else it taking umbrage with models and their size?

5. Toronto Fashion Week Goers. A story written by Kevin Naulls, a Toronto-based fashion journalist, portrayed a sad state of front-row affairs at Toronto Fashion Week with attendees snickering at plus-size models. Picked up by the U.S. site Racked and shared around the social-media sphere, Naulls slams the size-snobs so hard you’ll want to stand up and cheer.

Do you who also wouldn’t be out of place sitting in the front row at Toronto Fashion Week?

6. Lisa Tant. Former Flare Editor-in-Chief and Hello! Publisher Lisa Tant has been appointed Vice-President, Fashion Editor at homegrown luxury retailer Holt Renfew. It’s a newly created role that we assume was tailored specifically to Tant and her multifaceted talents. We’re excited to see what a VP/Fashion Editor looks like in the coming months.