11/02/2012 05:16 EDT | Updated 01/02/2013 05:12 EST

Daryl Katz Donations: Alison Redford May Have Thanked Katz After Election

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Alison Redford, premier of Canada's Alberta province, speaks during an interview in New York, U.S., on Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2011. Redford told reporters in Washington yesterday she doesn't have 'any reason' to believe the U.S. government's review of the Keystone XL pipeline will lead to an 'adverse' outcome. Photographer: Stephen Yang/Bloomberg via Getty Images
CALGARY - Alberta Premier Alison Redford says she may have personally thanked Edmonton Oilers owner Daryl Katz for his donation after the provincial election, but she's not 100 per cent sure.

Officials with Elections Alberta are investigating whether $300,000 in donations to the governing Tories from Katz, his family and associates broke campaign laws.

The figure represents 20 per cent of all the money raised by the Tories. The party took 61 seats to 17 for the Wildrose in the 87-seat legislature in the April election.

Under campaign fundraising laws, no one person or organization may donate more than $30,000.

There have been published reports that Katz gave the Tories much more than that, about $430,000, and that he delivered it all in one cheque.

"I think after the election I probably made about 50 calls to people who were contributors. I think he was on the list. I don't recall a conversation but he probably was," Redford said in Calgary on Friday.

Redford said she doesn't believe she made any other calls to donors from Katz's Rexall Drugs.

"I made a number of calls and I can't recall right now. There were probably many people who did give us funds that I didn't call and there were probably many that I did."

Redford repeated her earlier assertion that the results of the Elections Alberta investigation will be made public and her party will continue to co-operate. She said she hasn't asked party officials to look into the records and let her know if any rules were broken.

"What I'm curious about is whether or not the Progressive Conservative Party complied with the rules and I am very confident that we did."

Redford said she doesn't see a need to change donation limits, pointing out that the other political parties use similar fundraising techniques.

She called the system "transparent" and said it is "legislation that works."

Neither Katz nor any of his representatives has commented on the donations.

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