11/05/2012 07:29 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 06:58 EST

Mandy Lynn Bouzane Charged In Canadian Tire Theft


COURTENAY, B.C. - Mounties on Vancouver Island say they have arrested a 37-year-old woman who allegedly pulled a flare gun and knife and even bit a man while attempting to shoplift more than $1,000 worth of merchandise from a store.

The incident took place Saturday just before 10 a.m. at a Canadian Tire store in Courtenay, B.C., when staff confronted the woman who was allegedly trying to leave without paying for the goods.

Police say that's when the female suspect pulled a loaded flare gun, threatened to kill an employee and shoved the gun in the employee's stomach.

Police say a male employee who tried to help out was bitten, and the flare gun was knocked out of the suspect's hand before she allegedly pulled a knife.

They say the woman fled the store but was arrested in the parking lot by Courtenay RCMP.

Charged with robbery using a firearm and assault is Mandy Lynn Bouzane of Courtenay who remains in custody.