Bad Medicine: How To Take Medicine That Tastes Gross

Your future self will thank you for learning.

Cough, cough. Sniffle, snort. We all know it's coming — that dreaded season between now, and oh, March when at least one person in the office has fallen prey to a cough, cold, the flu or worse.

And coming right on the heels of that is the cure for what ails you, the gross-tasting medicine doled out by doctors without a thought to your gagging mechanism. Yes, it's worthwhile to take the meds to get better, but must they always leave you with that awful feeling in your mouth?

Yes, some brands pride themselves on offering an option that tastes awful ("and it works!"), and the banana-flavoured penicillin of our childhood days can get a boost from the pharmacy, but to make life easier, it's time to learn how to just take the meds.

In this week's How To, Howcast offers up some useful tips to make sure you take what the doctor gives you — and we're thinking it could also be applied to any icky tasting situation, like when you're completely turned off from a host's meal and trying not to insult them (that's where the ice cube trick comes into play).

Do you have your own methods for avoiding gross-tasting medication? We've love the hints — let us know in the comments below!

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