11/06/2012 02:13 EST | Updated 11/06/2012 04:16 EST

Which U.S. Candidate Is Best for Canada?


We Canadians care about the U.S. election -- we just can't help it. Yes, it's partly because of our inferiority complex (token Canadian self-deprecation!), but it's also because the results are consequential to our country.

We do massive trade with the U.S., the country is one of our most crucial energy partners, our environmental interests are tied by a potential pipeline, and the well-being of the world's largest economy certainly affects us.

So on election day, it's prudent to ask not only which man will best govern the U.S., but who will be best for Canada?

Alexander J. Szikla, a columnist for the Prince Arthur Herald, argues Obama's policies on topics such as the environment and foreign affairs have Canada's best interests in mind. Not if Canadians care foremost about the economy, argues Simon Fraser University professor Alexander Moens, who thinks Mitt is more likely to talk America off the fiscal cliff.

So which is it Canada: harmonious values or a balanced budget? Read what our debaters have to say and then cast your vote.

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