11/06/2012 03:13 EST | Updated 01/06/2013 05:12 EST

6 Candidates On Ballot For Victoria Byelection

The list of candidates running in the upcoming federal byelection in Victoria has been finalized by Elections Canada. A total of six candidates will be on the ballot on Nov. 26.

- Donald Galloway – Green Party of Canada.

- Dale Gann – Conservative Party of Canada.

- Art Lowe – Libertarian Party of Canada.

- Philip G. Ney – Christian Heritage Party of Canada.

- Murray Rankin – New Democratic Party.

- Paul Summerville – Liberal Party of Canada.

The byelection was called by Prime Minster Stephen Harper after long-time NDP MP and deputy speaker Denise Savoie resigned her seat in August because of health concerns.

Savoie won the seat last election with just over 50 per cent of the vote, with the Conservative candidate Patrick Hunt finishing second with 23 per cent.

Two other byelections will also be held in Calgary-Centre and Durham in Ontario on Nov 26.

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