11/07/2012 08:56 EST | Updated 01/07/2013 05:12 EST

African Cat Can Stay With Regina Family, For Now

Flickr: Tambako the Jaguar

A Regina family has learned their African serval cat will be allowed to stay in the province while officials review Saskatchewan's wildlife laws.

Kim Shaheen told CBC News on Wednesday that word of the reprieve, of sorts, came via a phone call from officials in the Ministry of Environment.

The cat, named Jagger, had been ordered removed because it was considered a potentially dangerous wild animal.

Shaheen said officials are going to review the matter.

"There's going to be a review about our specific circumstance," Shaheen said. "And I'm hoping the legislation in general [is reviewed] because I think the ministry was terribly surprised to find out how many servals and savannahs [a domestic-serval hybrid] are already in Saskatchewan."

Jagger has been with the family for about eight months. It was adopted from a breeder in British Columbia.

Shaheen insists that Jagger is far from wild, adding that the cat has been declawed and neutered, and registered with the City of Regina. He also tried to obtain a permit from the province.

He says that, if necessary, his family would move to B.C., where serval cats are allowed.

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