11/08/2012 10:21 EST

Conservative Ad Targets NDP On Carbon Tax (VIDEO)

A new Conservative ad is attacking the NDP on the well-worn issue of what the government says is the party's plan to implement a costly carbon tax plan.

Titled "Mulcair's Carbon Tax," the radio commercial posted to YouTube features an image of the NDP leader similar to the one used in a previous attack ad.

There is an orange bar across the top of the screen in the Web version, giving the advertisement the feel of a work in progress rather than a polished product. Of course, since the spot is being run on radio stations it perhaps makes sense the YouTube version is unadorned.

The most recent NDP attack ad, which also possessed questionable production values, was for the Web only.

The Tories have been consistently hammering the NDP in question period over the last few months on what they reliably refer to as the "job-killing carbon tax." The phrase has become so worn that it is regularly referenced on Twitter in the context of political drinking games.

NDP members contend the party's stance on regulating emissions has been misrepresented.

"Nothing to see but lies," tweeted Karl Belanger, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair's principal secretary.

"This new attack ad from the Conservatives shows they are worried about the inroads the NDP is making under the strong leadership of Tom Mulcair," NDP National Director Nathan Rotman wrote in an email to HuffPost. "The Conservatives know that the NDP favours a cap-and-trade system similar to the one the Conservatives ran on in 2008."

Both parties campaigned on a cap-and-trade system during the 2008 election campaign.

See what users on Twitter are saying about the new ad in the slideshow below.

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