11/09/2012 11:52 EST

Common Thread: A Compendium Of The Week That Was In Style News


In the wonderful world of fashion, everyone — and everything — is connected. We’re taking a look at who and what made waves in the past seven days, and weaving a common thread between them. From weird perfume ingredients to multi-million dollar bras, this is your one-stop style-story shop.

Common Thread Week Of November 9

1. Chanel No. 5. The luck, fate and fortune of this iconic fragrance is being called into question once again. Hot on the heels of the disastrous commercial starring an embarrassed-looking Brad Pitt, Chanel No. 5 may be breaking a new European Union regulation which bans the use of a potentially allergy-inducing tree moss found in their formula. There are no plans to pull the perfume off the shelves just yet, but the EU has set up a review commission.

Do you know what other French design house is in the midst of an upheaval?

2. Balenciaga. After 15 years of designing for the Spanish-born-French-based fashion house, Nicolas Ghesquière is exiting Balenciaga with nary a whisper or a press release. No one knows if he quit, was fired or if his contract just wasn't renewed; whatever the reason, it’s sad to see the man who made the brand relevant for a whole generation go.

Do you know what other designer made news this week (for personal not professional reasons)?

3. Tory Burch. The fight between Tory Burch and her ex-husband Chris Burch just got a whole lot messier. Not only is he suing her for damages against his new clothing company, but now she’s countersuing him for breach of contract and interfering with her professional relationships.

Do you know what other New York designer is moving around money for damages?

4. Ralph Lauren. The reigning king of American sportswear has donated $2 million to help rebuild his hometown, New York City (and the surrounding Tri-State area), after Hurricane Sandy tore through the region causing damage that could cost billions of dollars.

Now, which Ralph Lauren model is a cut above the rest?

5. Karlie Kloss. Moments before donning her Victoria’s Secret angel wings, model-of-the-moment Karlie Kloss debuted her new short bob backstage. While someone getting a haircut may not seem like big news, when this someone does, it is. Remember The Rachel? The Karlie is set to be the next big thing for hair.

Do you know who else is just around the corner?

6. More Victoria’s Secret Angels. This week, angels descended to Earth glittered, bedazzled and feathered within an inch of their celestial lives. That’s right, it was the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. And what a show it was, with Justin Bieber, Rihanna, ladybug angels, clown angels and a $2.5 million bra making an appearance. Heaven on Earth, indeed.