11/09/2012 04:26 EST | Updated 11/09/2012 04:31 EST

Rob Anders' Hinterland Who's Who Mocks Sleepy MP In Its Natural Habitat (VIDEO)

Just when you thought Rob Anders would never surprise you again, a new video is presenting a fresh take on the controversial Tory MP. A zoological take.

Titled "Conservative Hinterland Who's Who: The Rob Anders," the parody piece touches upon many of Anders' greatest hits, from suggesting Thomas Mulcair helped "hasten" Jack Layton's death to calling Nelson Mandela a communist.

Inspired by the second-most Canadian PSA campaign around (Heritage Minutes for the win), the video is the latest production from Deep Rogue Ram, a collaboration between Heather Libby, managing editor of the climate change activism website TckTckTck.org, and Kai Nagata, a former CTV journalist who made a splash last year after posting a blog about why he quit his job. Libby and Negata have both blogged for The Huffington Post Canada.

We're hoping Anders isn't the last MP to get the Hinterland treatment. Share your suggestions on who should be featured next in the comments below.

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Rob Anders' Greatest Hits

Rob Anders' Greatest Hits