11/11/2012 12:12 EST

We Day 2012: Marc And Craig Kielburger Inspire Crowds To Donate Pennies For Clean Water (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

So, what are you going to do with all those pennies that are filling up your change jars and piggy banks? Craig and Marc Kielburger have an idea for you: turn them into clean water.

Not literally, but donating $25 dollars worth of pennies to Free The Children's penny drive can provide someone in need with a permanent source of clean water, say the organization's co-founders. The brothers have shared the idea with all the We Day attendees so far in cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary, and now a broader audience of young activists will get to learn more as Much Music airs its We Day broadcast Sunday night.

We have an exclusive preview clip from tonight's telecast. Watch as Craig and Marc tell the crowds how a little bit of change can go a long way, and learn more about the campaign here.