11/12/2012 11:53 EST | Updated 01/12/2013 05:12 EST

Calgary Centre Byelection Picks Up


With a federal byelection two weeks away, Calgary Centre candidates are scrambling to capture the attention of voters.

Mudslinging and expected visits from Members of Parliament are signs that the race to fill the seat left vacant by Conservative MP Lee Richardson is picking up.

“I'm really sorry to see that it seems like some of the parties are busy fighting with one another when all of us – all of our volunteers – are out knocking on doors every day,” said NDP candidate Dan Meades.

Despite a mail-out from the Green Party questioning his commitment to Calgary, Liberal Harvey Locke said he is taking the high road in the campaign.

“We have no desire to mudsling. We have a desire to bring people together and put a progressive voice on Calgary for Canada. That's our campaign. Our campaign does not need to take cheap shots.”

Calgary’s preference for voting Tory gives Conservative candidate Joan Crockatt an edge, but Calgary Centre has a transient, youthful population, raising the possibility of a non-Conservative win.

“You win by pointing out that your ideas are better and their ideas are inferior and telling people why,” said political strategist Stephen Carter.

“I think I'd probably want to run on redefining the brand …I think Calgarians would be interested in a new Green party or NDP or a new Liberal party that's defined by Calgarians.”

The byelection vote will be held on Nov. 26.

Also running are independent candidate Anotini Growowski, Libertarian Tony Prashad and Green Party candidate Chris Turner.

Two other byelections will be held in Victoria, B.C., and Durham, Ont.

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