11/12/2012 06:21 EST | Updated 06/29/2017 20:14 EDT

Canadian Jingles: 25 Of The Catchiest Canadian Tunes


They're catchy, cheesy and somehow, we always end up knowing all the lyrics.

Jingles are every company's dream marketing project: Get a bunch of people singing your company's tune like it's a song, not an ad. Because, let's face it, you know every time you hear 'Sleep Country Canada' on the radio or TV, you fill in the blank with "Why buy a mattress anywhere else?" either out loud or in your head (we'll admit it, we do!).

But what makes a good jingle? Is it the voice or the words? According to, jingles have been around since the 1920s and the first popular jingle didn't hit the market until 1926 when General Mills released a commercial for Wheaties — after almost being discontinued. The company noticed the sudden popularity of the cereal after the commercial aired, which over 85 years later, continues to be sold today.

And if you're thinking about whipping your own jingle, remember, think about rhyming your words and creating your own tune, according to Yahoo News. The catchiest jingles use a fun beat, have few words and easy to remember phone numbers.

So we've come up with some of our favourite and catchiest Canadian jingles and commercials from the past few decades. Send us your favourites by commenting below — and we will add them to our list: