11/12/2012 11:46 EST | Updated 07/29/2014 04:59 EDT

Hillary Clinton Favourite TV Show: Canadian Decor Show Beloved By Secretary Of State

For all those wondering what Hillary Rodham Clinton might do come January when she steps down from her post as U.S. Secretary of State, she had her answer ready in a recent interview from The New York Times: "Maybe I'll get a decorating show."

Rodham Clinton, who was known for her advocacy of American artists during her time as First Lady, knows of what she speaks, and isn't flipping through HGTV randomly — her number one pick for her viewing pleasure is none other than Canada's "Love It or List It."

The W Network show, each episode of which focuses on a couple (or family) who are divided as to whether to renovate or sell their home, pits designer Hilary Farr (who redoes the space) against real estate agent David Visentin (who finds them a new home). Each showcasing their talents and competitive natures as they try to sway the homeowners to their solution.

"I find it calming," said Clinton in the interview.

Of course, there are other potential explanations: Jezebel calls the show the network's "most sexually charged competition show," hypothesizing that the "Farr/Visentin competitive power dynamic no doubt reminds Secretary Clinton of Antony and Cleopatra."

But whatever the reason, we're happy to hear Clinton approves of the show so many Canadians have been playing a love/hate game with since 2008. If we're looking at President Barack Obama's recent admission that his favourite show of "Homeland" (about CIA agents and terrorists) as indicative of personality traits, Clinton's selection of this renovation-focused show could be showing us a woman who's not afraid to make changes where necessary, or throw the whole thing out and start fresh.

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