11/13/2012 04:01 EST

National Reading Campaign: Canada Rocks Out On Reading In November


Canada, we want to know what you're reading.

Well, not us, specifically, but a whole campaign that's aiming to get the country reading. With the launch of the National Book Campaign this week, people from across Canada are showing off their best bookworm skills and demonstrating why reading is so important to their lives.

Created by a group of educators, librarians, publishers, parents, and writers, this campaign aims to not only celebrate the pleasures of reading, but also break down barriers of access that arise when people have difficulties with this essential everyday task. It's all part of the National Reading Plan, which targets everyone from families to Aboriginal Canadians to lifelong readers to new Canadians.

Some of the cute initiatives they're creating this week include a contest starting November 14 that can earn one lucky reader a Kobo, as well as encouraging people to change up their profile pictures to one of them with their head buried in a book or magazine. Their rather fulsome Pinterest page also showcases some great suggestions to get started.

So why do people love reading so much? It could be the escape factor, the knowledge being gained or the simple enjoyment of words crafted together beautifully. Whatever the reason, as all those "best of" lists at the end of year attest to, people love discussing what they've read and discovering new material to enjoy.

With that in mind, we've pulled together some of the responses from the National Book Campaign's #whatdidyoureadtoday hashtag, showcasing the amazing diversity of Canadians' reading habits. And of course, we're wondering — what are you reading today? Let us know in the comments below and we'll add them to the slideshow, or tweet the hashtag to @readingcampaign.

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