11/14/2012 08:23 EST | Updated 01/14/2013 05:12 EST

BC Marijuana Bunker Grow-Op Busted: RCMP Seize 4,608 Plants

Marijuana plants are seen in Chicago where officers say they discovered two football fields worth of pot plants growing on the city's South Side Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2012. Authorities say more than 1,000 cannabis plants were discovered during a helicopter operation Tuesday. Some were as tall as Christmas Trees. (AP Photo/Teresa Crawford)

CHERRYVILLE, B.C. - A police raid on an Okanagan house has turned up a two-level confined bunker where more than 4,600 pot plants were being grown.

RCMP say the operation was powered half by hydro from the grid and the other half by a generator.

The house was located in the Cherryville area and a 33-year-old Kelowna man arrested there is expected to face drug charges.

Police say as part of the investigation, officers are looking into the origin of the generator.

Police are working at dismantling the operation, where 4,608 plants in various stages of growth were seized.

(The Canadian Press; CFJC)

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