Hana Pesut Switcheroo Book: Photographer Captures Couples Switching Clothes

If you want to be part of Hana Pesut's latest project, you're going to have to take off all your clothes.

For her photo project titled 'Switcheroo' which originally started at the beginning of the year, the Vancouver photographer is asking couples all over the world to switch clothes and pose.

"I have photographed over 200 switcheroos all over the world [including] Spain, Japan, France, Austria, Mexico, Canada and the U.S.," she wrote on her IndieGogo.com profile page.

The photos are cute, quirky and a reminder of both how awkward we would really look in our partner's clothes, and how awesome a select few could look dressing as their significant other. And as Buzzfeed.com added, ladies look like hipsters and dudes look like dudes dressed as ladies.

The money raised through Pesut's photo campaign will go toward covering the cost of design, layout and printing of the book, she writes on her profile. So far, Pesut has raised $3,720 toward a goal of $13,000.

Pesut's goal, she adds, is to have the book printed in January 2013.

LOOK: 20 of Pesut's photos from her Switcheroo project. For the best view, open the slideshow in full screen.

Switcheroo By Hana Pesut