11/14/2012 05:30 EST | Updated 01/14/2013 05:12 EST

Karen Gwillim Finds Bird With Camera Full Of Fishing Photos In Craven, Saskatchewan


SASKATOON - A cormorant and a digital camera full of fish photos sent a Saskatoon woman on a bit of a goose chase.

Karen Gwillim was driving through the village of Craven, north of Regina, in September when she saw the water bird sitting on the road.

"I went around it and it looked up at me, so obviously still alive and there's something silver sitting on its back," Gwillim recalled Wednesday.

"So I thought, well, I can't just leave it there because it won't last long in the middle of the road."

Gwillim pulled over and walked back to the bird, half expecting it to run away. But it didn't.

"It actually stood up before I got there," she said. "I could see that what was silver on its back had actually slid down and was now dangling from its neck. It was a silver little point-and-shoot camera and the (wrist) strap was around the bird's neck."

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To her surprise, the bird let Gwillim lift the strap over its neck. She then gently carried the bird to a creek where it flew away.

"It was, I think, pretty tired. It didn't seem to be injured," she said, adding a lot of people want to know what became of the bird.

"There's a lot of threats to a bird's life on a regular basis. It made it through that day, as far as I know."

Turning her attention to the camera, Gwillim noticed it was corroded but the memory card compartment was still closed.

She dried out the memory card and popped it into her computer to find 239 pictures — many of them showing guys with really big fish.

"The fact that it was fish pictures was really interesting because then it suggested probably that it was a fisherman who had lost the camera while fishing, maybe."

Gwillim became determined to find the camera's owner.

She posted some pictures on Facebook, but didn't get a response. She then told the CBC about her story, and that got her a nibble.

Frank Resendes came forward to say he and a buddy had been fishing near Craven earlier this year, and the camera fell out of his friend's pocket into the water.

"It just disappeared in the water," he said.

Gwillim hopes she gets a chance to hear more from the camera's owner himself, but said even if she doesn't "it's been an interesting enough story."